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 we are Humptie® 

 Beautiful upholstered floor cushions in exquisite fabrics to suit any home.

 Designed and made in the UK and filled with 100% natural wool – they’re full of sheep! 

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Designed in Oxford and manufactured in the UK – with added sheep. Uniquely filled with 100% British wool, they will naturally hold their shape for years.


Designer fabrics in beautiful colours from simple plain brushed cotton/linen to sumptuous printed velvets and luxurious leathers.


 Prices from £185 GBP  and available in 4 sizes in all materials. At 45/60/75 and 90cm there is a Humptie® to suit every room.

 who are ewe looking at? 

 Every Humptie® is filled with nothing more, or less, than 100% pure wool from British uplands sheep.  

 And the zipped covers are easily removable for cleaning … or a change of mood. 

 what on earth is a Humptie®

You might call them footstools, you may call them floor cushions. You can sit on them, lounge on them or relax and put your feet up on them. They will make themselves at home in any living room. They can be picked up by the ever-so-handy handle and thrown in front of a sofa to relax, read or just zone out in front of the TV – we call them Humptie®.

[And just for the record for those who care … ‘Humpty’ is a colloquial British word for a ‘low padded seat or pouffe’ ref: Collins English Dictionary]



The price of luxury? £275!

A stunning new collection in special printed velvet.

At just £275 (60cm) in these beautiful new special printed velvets you can afford to bring a new level of luxury to any living space.

This new range of fabrics almost defies description, bringing a depth to the surface with an almost burnished/metallic effect in some lights. Available in a collection of six beautifully muted, tonal shades these Humpties® are absolutely ‘on-trend’ for 2019/20. SHOP NOW!

Big Orange.


We recently made this stunning Humptie 90 seat for an interior design project.

As well as our standard range of materials and colourways we can make bespoke Humpties in special materials either sourced by us or supplied by the customer.

Please contact us for more details.

 say hello to your new best friend. 

Trending now – luxury velvets in vivid plains and extravagant printed florals. All Humptie® fabric and leather ranges are available in 6 colour way variants. And if it doesn’t say Humpties® on the label … it isn’t!

The full range is available now in our online shop – click here.

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