the story of the humptie


In the UK, around 22 million pieces of furniture are thrown out every year – either because things break and people don’t know how to fix them, or because their tastes and needs have changed and throwing things away often seems easier than recycling or donating them.

However, our Humpties are for life, not for landfill. Our lifetime guarantee means that if something isn’t right you can always get in touch and we’ll be happy to either repair or replace it. Or if you simply don’t want or need your Humptie anymore, we’d be glad to rehome or recycle it for you. Just let us know.

We’re also keen to be kind to the earth when we choose the materials that make up our Humpties. So every Classic Humptie is covered and stuffed with natural fibres – 100% plain cotton and 100% pure wool. And we’re working on a way to swap our plastic zips and nylon thread for something more eco-friendly. Our packaging is all 100% recyclable too.

Keeping fabric miles low is important to us as well. We buy all our cover cotton and sewing materials from British suppliers, our wool is all from British upland sheep, and every Humptie is hand-cut, stuffed, and sewn in England.

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